The Testimonials Page


"Boom!!!! Thanks Again Gentlemen. ALWAYS a Pleasure and ALWAYS PERFECT!"

- Tony C.

Screaming Eagle 883


"I think it looks great. Thanks."

- Richard H.

2016 Z06


"What a great result I got from using your tool. My project was a spur-of-the-moment thought while out riding my motorcycle and I just happened to go into an AutoZone and found they had pinstripping. After I got home, I realized it was going to take forever to apply it, not counting the hours I spent cleaning the rims. I found your website via YouTube and ended up getting the tool. I finished it Saturday and went to a vintage motorcycle competition and, although my bike wasn't entered, I drew lots of complements.

BTW, starting and ending the stripping was the hardest to get right. The best method I found was to start, go around the rim about 95%, but not all the way, then pull up as much of the starting section that was wobbly and cut it, then continue with the end and overlap the starting section by 1/2 inch."

- Bryan M.

1995 Honda CB1000


"Thanks to the Stripe-it-all [the fluorescent orange stripes] were a piece of cake to apply!

- Andrew J.

Honda CB750


"Hi guys, installed 1/4 inch 6103 on my 2016 Mustang. Always liked the red stripe tires when I was a kid. Great product, as advertised and a fair price. Mike."

- Michael H.

2016 Mustang


"I can attest to the fact that all the advice you provide is good advice for applying large graphics. Discerning types will see my mistakes but at 150 mph or at 50-degrees lean angle (on the track not the road!) the bike looks fantastic. Thanks for making the kit available."

- Russell D.

Honda CBR600RR track bike


"Many thanks, Rob, for the time you spent talking with me yesterday. I appreciate your advice and the tape samples and material to let me finish my first project."

- Ted W.

Conversion Van w/ rimstripes on wheel covers


"Red tape matches calipers exactly. I have had several compliments there appearance. More importantly, I am happy I contacted your company. Thank you, Bill M."

- Bill M.

Porsche Cayenne GTS


"I applied your decals on my motorcycle in 2009. These decals look the same as the day I applied them. I haven't had to replace any of them or do any special care throughout the years. They have endured riding, washing, extreme weather conditions and general riding use. My bike is always garage kept with extreme heat and cold depending on the seasons. Thank you for an awesome product. I will always recommend you.

Sincerely, Kelly Moore (biggest fan of Tapeworks)"

- Kelly M.

Ninja 650R


12/5/16 "Hello, I recently learned about your products. Ordered right away, and applied your 6008 striping to my ’67 Chevelle SS (gray centers), and my ’69 Camaro restomod. WOW! And the installation was a breeze. I’m waiting for more material from you so that I can do a few more cars!"

3/14/17 "Hello Rob, I enjoyed your feature on Performance TV! Hopefully the exposure has meant good things for you!
I just finished another application of your stripes. This car is a ’63 Olds Jetfire. I bought this car in 1988 when it was still original. Ten years later, I decided that I would make it into something different. It now has an LS motor, Ford 9 in. and Intro wheels. You will likely never see another one."

7/31/17 "Hello Rob, I’m honored to have my ’71 Camaro featured on, of all places, your front door!! WOW! Continued success, my friend!"

- Don C.

’67 Chevelle SS, ’69 Camaro, ’63 Olds Jetfire, Chevelle wagon, '71 Camaro


"Thank you for admiring his Camaro, he loves the improvements he's made and the striping on the rims really sets his car apart from others."

- Rodd & Lori B.


7/24/17 "I worked with you to get the right color for my wheels. I like to make my cars a little different than others by doing things like a wheel stripe. You sent me color samples and the color ended up being closest to the orange that I had previously ordered for my Corvette. I get lots of comments on how clean and sharp my Fifty is, and people love the Fifty only wheels with my added stripes. I've added some pictures of the car below and would be proud to have it showcased in your newsletter emails, during this year of the Camaro! Thank you!"

- Dean S.

50th anniv. Camaro, Corvette


7/22/17 "ITS A NEAR PERFECT MATCH!!!!!!   THANK YOU!!!!!!"

- Travis S.

Suzuki GSXR


7/22/17 "I'm extremely impressed with the color match to my sublime green paint. Great product and super easy installation."

- Peter C.

Sublime Green Challenger


7/7/17 "Hi guys, just a quick note to say just finished the wheels on my 2002 ABT Wide bodied Audi TT and think it looks great with the help of you guys at stripe-it-all. Great product! Thanks"

- John G. (UK)

Audi TT


4/26/2017 "Hello, Just want to say that I'm super happy after installing my Rimstripes on my Kawasaki Z125 KRT edition! You guys rock! I love the look and having meaningful functionality of being reflective is icing on the cake. I never installed any type of rim tape before and wasn't sure if I could really make it look professional. Plus my rims are very small (12") so I was afraid the tape maybe couldn't handle the tighter curve. But with your Stripe-It-All installation tool the job was a snap and no problems! Thanks for making a quality product and I'm glad I didn't settle for some other pre-cut & pre-curved product. Thank you also for making the Factory Kawasaki Green color! Rimstripes are awesome! This matches the rest of my bike perfectly and now my bike has the same look as the Team Kawasaki WSBK team! As you can see, I kept the factory "125" rim decals (I love those too!) and ran my Rimstripes up to both sides of it. Looks like a professional factory finish now, very awesome! Thanks again!"

5/22/17 "The Rimstripes really complete the look, I am still so very impressed every time I look at it. Jonathan Rea would be proud!"

- Wesley F.

Kawasaki Z125


6/21/17 "I am very pleased with the look of my wheels now that I have added your rim tape. I did mess up my first attempt, after that it was so easy to apply with the help of my wife. I have attached a couple of photographs. Thanks for a great tool and rim tape. Cheers."

- Barry F. (Greece)

2010 Suzuki Jimny


6/20/17 "I just finished adding your stripe-it-all product to my wheels. Attached is a photo of the car. The red stripe add a nice touch. Also attached are two photos of your application tool, a modified version. FYI, we tried all the tricks with the kit, but wound up cutting and modifying it so that it would work a little more smoothly on this style of wheel. Your promo video is a little misleading, it takes time, patience and two people to apply the stripes on mounted wheels. It would also help if the stripes were on a heavier base material. They stretch and wrinkle very easily if you're not careful. Please take these as constructive comments."

- Frank S.



10/12/16 "Hi, here is a picture of my 99 Ford Mustang Cobra, 1/4" 6017 with reflective red rim stripe tape. I have used your Stripe it all tool on many motorcycles, this was my first-time on a car. Very fast and easy, car looks amazing! Love your Stripe it all tool so much, did my mower also!! Looks awesome!! I can't stop; Its so fun and easy! Just looks trick! I've done 3 motorcycles in my garage also! Thanks for the great tool and stripe tape! Thanks."

6/20/17 "Guys, here's my 2017 Honda Ridgeline with 1/8" gloss fire red.  Loving the color added to the grey/silver scheme! Used your stripe tool, worked perfect again;  I've done many of my vehicals, and even my riding lawn mower (sent you a pic of that already). Long time customer; many motorcycles and cars rim-striped and will continue to be!! Thanks again."

- Ian O.

'99 Mustang Cobra, Lawnmower, '17 Honda Ridgeline


01/2015 "I purchased your stripe-it-all kit and love it. Thanks and love your product! What I liked is that you included a few extra strips to practice.  And trust me I needed all the strips that you included as I made a couple of mistakes along the way.  Needless to say, I was under the gun when I was on the last strip.  Talk about pressure.  lol"

Answer: We don't have a good answer other than Sonax, or any wheel cleaner, has ingredients that must be kind of harsh to remove brake dust and grime.  Since you will always have to scrub the wheels anyway to get them really clean, stick with soap and water and you won't have any problems.

- "Mr. D"

Porsche Cayman


5/31/17 "Very happy with the results. Looks great and very sharp looking."

- Claudio C.

Audi S5


6/9/17 "We finally got both bikes done. Mine, Bethany's is the black 2016 Kawasaki Concours, and the burgundy 2009 Kawasaki Concours is my friend Colie's bike. We ride together with Women in the Wind. We love our rimstripes. Thanks for making it so easy."

- Bethany W. & Colie

2016 Kawasaki Concours & 2009 Kawasaki Concours


5/14/17 "Here is a shot of my 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost with the optional performance suspension package; including 19” black wheels.  Stripes really set it off.  Installations was a breeze with your special tool."

- Don W.

2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost


6/17/14 "Playing around with my handy- dandy tool. Took me 60 seconds to stripe this wheel cover."

2/19/15 "Put the stripes on the back wheel since it was off the bike… used my lazy susan turntable thing- pretty easy like that."

- Curt Kicklighter

As one of the original Kickstarter backers he has been installing them on everything from hubcaps, to car and motorcycle wheels.

Kicklighter S1, CB750, 2015 Ford Mustang, 2017 Dodge Challenger


5/29/17 "Here's some pictures of my '68 C/10 with a single 1/8" orange stripe and my "05 with two 1/8" gold metallic stripes. Thank you for including me as one of your e-mail friends. I enjoy looking at how other's use your product to enhance the appearance of their cars. I've included some pictures of my NOS equipped 1988 IROC-Z for your consideration. I used your 1/4" gold metallic stipes on the American Torque Thrusts. I think the stripes help tie the car together. I also have a 1968 Pro-Street C/10. I used your 1/8" orange stripes on the front 10-spoke E/T Gassers and the rear Weld Star Lights. The truck is running a 383 stoker with dual quads. I also have a 2005 Silverado. I striped the wheels on it with two 1/8" gold stripes. Makes the truck look so much better than pure stock.
A friend wants me to strip the wheels on his 2016 Vette and another wants me to stripe his wheels on his supercharged Dodge.

Very impressed with Stripe-It-All."

- Dave S.

'68 C/10, '88 IROC Z, '05 Silverado


4/3/17 "Sooo glad I went with vinyl stripes vs paint or air brush, looks super cool and I used the reflective tape! In the event of a scratch, I just re-stripe. The tool was super freaking easy. I didn’t even practice and did all four tires first go around. Tip – take all tires off, stack them on top of each other, then just use the tool as instructed while walking around the tire/wheel vs spinning…so easy. I am so excited I am looking at other decals to use!"

- Brian D.

'98 Nassau Blue C5 Corvette


2/15/17 "I got my stripes and tool today for my 2016 Z06. The results look good. I was able to install the rim stripes the same day I received them. The hardest part was jacking the car up with the wheels off the ground. After watching the video and reading the instruction sheets, installation was breeze. The rim stripes give a great look to the car. Thanks Rob"

- Pat D.

2016 Z06


"Toughest part jacking the car up. I told him before installing that t was very important to make sure the portion of wheels where tape was to be installed was absolutely clean of any wax or dirt to ensure good adhesion. I put the stripes on my 2015 Z51 almost 2 years ago and have had no problems with them. They still look great and have had no adhesive issues."

- Michael W. (friend of Pat D.)

2015 Z51