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US Patent #9,296,252

Add some color to your wheels in 30 minutes or less!

$24.95 19.95 with purchase of a set of Rimstripes!

Recommended Rimstripes:

6032 Fire Red

6029 Gloss Yellow


The Stripe-It-All tool is a revolutionarily simple tool for easy, perfect Rimstripe installation every single time! With a Stripe-It-All tool and a set of your favorite Rimstripes, you can now install stripes on all four rims, from cleaning to finished, in half an hour or less!

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What You Get:

Stripe-It-All Tool
Width control rings (1/8"-1/4"-3/8")
Easy-Feeder Guide Strip
Spool-Side Bumper
Mini Wrench
Cleaning/Installation Instructions


Bundle Discounts

Order a Stripe-It-All tool with any set of Rimstripes and get five dollars off your order! That's a Stripe-It-All for only $19.95! Discount automatically applies when both items are present in your sh opping cart.


Why use your hands when you can use a Stripe-It-All Tool?


It used to take two hours, a light, a steady hand, and wheel stands to install a set of stripes.

With a Stripe-It-All Tool, you only need a stand and a pair of hands.

The Stripe-It-All System results in the most consistent, best-looking, longest-lasting stripes on the market today. We know that your car, bike, or motorcycle will be safer and look better than ever! Install a set of reflective Rimstripes on your bike and know you'll be seen at night!


Installing Rimstripes on a Car Wheel:

Most car wheels these days have spokes that come all the way to the outside edge of the wheel and keep you from working from the inside edge. The Stripe-It-All Tool comes with the Four-Finger Bumper for installing from the inside of the wheel and a Right-End Bumper for installing from the outside of the wheel, between the wheel and the tire. Simply attach the Right-End Bumper to the outside of the spool and work from the outside!

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Introducing "Mr. Groovy"

When we first introduced the Stripe-It-All tool to the public two years ago, we thought we had thought of every placement we could - our tool adjusts to work off of any edge you can imagine, and will install on any flat surface you can imagine.

But what if your rim isn't flat? Such is the case with the new Corvette Z06 wheels - the rim itself has a machined groove in it. We had several Z06 owners contact us, wondering if the standard Stripe-It-All tool would install a stripe in that groove. We worked with one customer to modify the tool based on our modification suggestions and it failed. It just didn't work right.

We don't like to give up, and the result is we've come up with a custom variation on the Stripe-It-All tool, which we're simply calling the 'Mr. Groovy' tool. The spool guides have been reshaped and shaved down to a knife edge enough that you can fit the spool down in the trough and install your stripe in much the same way that we've been installing them this whole time.

This specialized tool is now available as part of Kit 8006 - the "Mr. Groovy" Stripe-It-All Package


We offer a hundred colors of Rimstripes, including 23 reflective colors that shine when lit!

There is a set of Rimstripes in a color that will match your car, bike, or motorcycle.

Tapeworks uses only the highest-quality vinyls available today, offering the most vibrant, longest-lasting colors on the market. Many of our customers have had sets of stripes last ten years or more!

We offer two lengths: 60" for wheels up to 18" diameter and 80" for wheels up to 24" diameter. Most motorcycles have 17" wheels and most bicycle wheels have rim diameters 24" or smaller. Most road bike wheels are called 27" diameter but the rim is effectively 23.5"

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Customer Pictures

Tapeworks would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Stripe-It-All Kickstarter campaign.

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Three Starter Kits and a 35% discount!

It took us a few weeks to get things sorted out, but your requests for some starter kits to get your dealership set up have resulted in us putting together three Starter Kits: SMALL (20 piece), MEDIUM (40 piece), and LARGE (60 piece). Each kit provides you with installation tools, select rimstripes in popular colors and sizes, tri-fold brochures, and sell sheets.

The best part . . . click on Starter Kit Coupon Code and you will save 35% when you order any of these starter kits. You can also enter the coupon code STARTERKIT during the checkout process.


Color Charts

We have also designed two different color charts which will be an invaluable part of the decision making process for orders. They let you and your customer to see the actual vinyl colors and allow you to hold them up to the vehicle and make correct purchase decisions. We wish they were free but they are agonizingly hand cut, punched, labeled, and assembled using all the actual vinyl films. There really is no other way to appreciate the gloss, texture, vibrancy, and sparkle of these materials than to see them in person.

All three Starter Kits and the Color Charts are available on the webstore.


Dealer Pricing

We are now offering dealer pricing on the Stripe-It-All tool and our top 20 Rimstripe colors, available as individuals, 4-packs, or 20-piece cases. An expanded price list with about 80 other colors should be available fairly soon (we hope) plus we are working to update the webstore to give to you the ability to conveniently order 4-Pack and Case box products. Please call for pricing.

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Instructional Videos

SEMA 2015 Promo Video:

How to Assemble the Tool:

Installing Stripes on a Vyrus:

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Now Patented!

As of April 8, 2016, the Stripe-It-All Installation Tool is patented in the United States under Patent #9,296,252.