Stripe-It-All Rimstripe Installation Tool $22.95


Stripe-It-All is a revolutionarily simple tool for simple, perfect Rimstripe installation every single time! With a Stripe-It-All and a set of your favorite Rimstripes, you can now install stripes on all four wheels, from cleaning to finished, in less than half an hour!

And it doesn't stop at wheels - the Stripe-It-All can be used on any surface! 

Installing Rimstripes on a Car Wheel:

What You Get:

Stripe-It-All Tool
Width control rings (1/8"-1/4"-3/8")
Easy-Feeder Guide Strip
Spool-Side Bumper
Mini Wrench
Cleaning/Installation Instructions

How to Assemble:

Customer Pictures

Order a Stripe-It-All tool with any set of Rimstrpes and get five dollars off your order! That's a Stripe-It-All for only $17.95! Discount automatically applies when both items are present in your shopping cart.

And of course, Tapeworks would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Stripe-It-All Kickstarter campaign - we met our goal!