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Rimstripes By Tapeworks

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NEW 6400-Series Multicolor!

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Check Out The Stripe-It-All

Don't forget a Stripe-it-All with your roll of Rismtripes - it's the easiest way to install!

Available in any of our ~100 colors...including REFLECTIVE! Priced from $22.95 - 34.95! (plus S&H)

1 pkg = 1 complete bike

Each set of rimstripes includes:

  • Enough striping to continuously stripe both sides of both rims, overlapping as you return to the starting point. Five lengths each five feet long and 3/8" wide.
  • For up to 19" diameter rims (custom lengths and widths available for a small setup fee)
  • Extra striping for you to practice with, or to keep for repair or spare.
  • Now available in pre-curved strobe sections in all ~100 colors for the same price.
Need help finding a good color match for your stock motorcycle? Use our Master Color Reference Guides or call for free color samples.

Check out the new Stripe-It-All tool!

It's the easiest way to install Rimstripes!

Solid Colors - Non-Metallic colors $22.95

Item # - Link to Buy Color Code Examples

6026 Black

6028 White
6029 Yellow
6103 Camel Yellow
A great match to:
- 2007 Yellow/Silver GSXR1000
- 2008 Yellow/Silver GSXR600
6141 Apricot
6030 Orange
6135 Tangerine

Great match to KTM Orange

6107 CBR Red

Bright Red-Orange
Great match to Aprilia Red!

Originally produced to match the red found on the 93-94 CBR900

A great match for:

  • Aprilia Red
  • The bright red-orange R on '96-'09 GSX-R
6031 Tomato Red
6032 Fire Red

Great match to Ducati Red!

6033 Burgundy
6034 Magenta
6035 Bubble Gum Pink
6079 Royal Purple
6081 Sapphire Blue
6038 Lapis Blue
6039 Vivid Blue
6040 Medium Blue
6092 Olympic Blue
6041 Carolina Blue
6093 Dark Aqua  
6094 Kawasaki Green
6043 Kelly Green
6095 Italian Green  

Metallic Colors - Metal flake $22.95 - 27.95

Item # - Link to Buy Color Code Examples
6001 Black Metallic
6002 Dark Charcoal Metallic
6114 Carbon Charcoal Metallic  
6003 Charcoal Metallic
6128 Pewter Metallic  
6004 Silver Metallic
6005 Medium Red Metallic
6006 Autumn Maple Metallic  
6007 Metallic Orange

A good match to the 2007 Black/Orange GSXR1000 and an even better match to the 2003 40th Anniversary Edition Hayabusa

scroll down to see 6160 Reflective Burnt Orange (it's an even better match for the 2007 GSXR1000 ... plus it's reflective!)

6010 Copper Metallic
6012 Gold Metallic
6037 Tuning Fork Blue

Great match to Yamaha R1 & R6 Blue
6099 Bright Blue Metallic
6098 Gladius Blue Metallic
A great match to the blue on these 2009 Suzuki bikes:
- Gladius 650
- GSXR 600, 750, and 1000
6098 Gladius Blue Metallic
6098 is the Non-Reflective version of 6162 Reflective Gladius Blue
6097 Bright Green Metallic

A great match to the Green/Black 2009 CBR600RR

6097 is the Non-Reflective version of 6161 Reflective Bright Green
6108 Purple Metallic  

Pearlescent Colors - Fine metal flake $22.95

Item # - Link to Buy Color Code Examples
6021 White Pearl
6022 Titanium Pearl
6096 Magenta Pearl  
6110 Yellow Pearl  
6115 Purple Luster  

Fluorescent Colors - BRIGHT "highlighter pen" colors! $22.95

Item # - Link to Buy Color Code Examples
6046 Fluorescent Red
6047 Fluorescent Yellow
6048 Fluorescent Orange
6049 Fluorescent Blue
6050 Fluorescent Chartreuse

"Tennis ball" Yellow

6077 Fluorescent Magenta
6078 Fluorescent Green

Reflective Colors - Maximizes night visibility! $24.95 - 34.95

Item # - Link to Buy Color Code Examples
6015 Reflective Black
6016 Reflective White
6148 Reflective Silver

Looks great on any silver bike

6017 Reflective Red

Great match to Ducati Red

6018 Reflective Blue
6142 Reflective Light Yellow
6019 Reflective Yellow
6140 Reflective Gold
6139 Reflective Orange
6160 Reflective Burnt Orange

Great match to 2007 GSXR1000 and 2008 Hayabusa

6020 Reflective Green
6132 Reflective Purple  
6143 Reflective Bermuda Blue
6162 Reflective Gladius Blue

A great match to the blue on these 2009 Suzuki bikes:
- Gladius 650
- GSXR 600, 750, and 1000

6162 is the Reflective version of 6098 Metallic Gladius Blue
6144 Reflective Kawasaki Green

Great match to Kawasaki Green

6161 Reflective Bright Green

A great match to the Green/Black 2009 CBR600RR

(6161 is the Reflective version of 6097 Bright Green Metallic)
6145 Reflective Tuning Fork Blue

Great match to Yamaha R1 & R6 Blue

6146 Reflective Magenta
6147 Reflective Bubble Gum Pink
6180 Waving American Flag Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6181 ... Small American Flags
with BLACK spacing

Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6182 ... Small American Flags
WHITE spacing
Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6183 ... 3-Stripe - Red/White/Blue
Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6184 ... 3-Segment - Red/White/Blue Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6185 ... Rising Sun Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6186 ... 3-Stripe - Red/White/Green Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes
6187 ... Graffiti, reflective white on black Multi-color Reflective Rimstripes

New 6400-Series Multicolor Rimstripes

6400 2-Color Fade
6401 3-Color Fade
6402 2-Color Strobe w/Strobed Center
6403 2-Color Strobe w/Solid Center
6404 3-Color Strobe w/Strobed Center
6405 3-Color Strobe w/Solid Center
6406 Safety Strobe w/Strobed Edges
6407 Safety Strobe w/Solid Edges

Bass Boat Colors - Our heaviest metal flake, very sparkly! $24.95

Item # - Link to Buy Color Code Examples
6125 Bass Boat Blue  
6131 Bass Boat Gold  
6133 Bass Boat Red
6136 Bass Boat Black  
6137 Bass Boat Silver  
6138 Bass Boat Green  
6115 Purple Luster Bass Boat Pink

Don't listen to us, listen to our customers! Click on the photos below for just a sampling of our customer's bikes with Tapeworks Rimstripes!

Here's what local pro and 1996 AMA Eastern U.S. 125cc Class Champion Barry Shiver has to say:

"This product draws more attention than anything I've ever done before! and makes iteasy for fans to spot me on the track. My bike gets pressure washed after every moto, and the NEON Rimstripes have never shown signs of fading or peeling."