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NEW! 6400-Series Multicolor Rimstripes

In our quest for the best graphics we can make, we have decided to delve deeper into multicolor Rimstripes. These are not our first multicolor Rimstripes, but we believe they are among some of the snazziest decals we've ever made!

All of these styles are available in a few preset colors, in reflective and non-reflective.

Reflective $37.95
Non-Reflective $29.95

6400 2-Color Fade
6401 3-Color Fade

2-Color Strobe

Available with 2 or 3 Strobes

Strobed Center
6403 Solid Center

3-Color Strobe

Available with 2 or 3 Strobes

Strobed Center
6405 Solid Center

Safety Strobe

Strobed Edges

Available with 4-10 Strobes

6407 Solid Edges

Currently, 6400 Series are Available in Six Color Variations, with more to come:

America/France - Red, White, Blue (Black Background)
Deutschland - Red, Yellow, Black (Black or White Background)
Munich - Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red (Black or White Background)
Italia - Red, White, Green (Black Background)

Custom Colors

To make multicolor Rimstripes, we use our large-format color printer to put the color on a white vinyl, which allows us to produce an infinite array of colors to most specifications. We have arranged a palette of available colors for you to choose from (seen below), so just give us a call to order any order of these colors you want. Please note that since we are printing these colors, we cannot produce flourescent colors or mix metallic, reflective, or solid - the entire stripe must be solid, metallic, or reflective.

There is a 20% upcharge for custom 6400-series Rimstripes.

Call us at 800-232-TAPE to order.

Please note: These colors shown in here are not guaranteed to be a perfect representation and are not perfect matches to our normal vinyl colors.