Frequenty Asked Questions


Does Tapeworks ship to my country?

Generally, yes, we do! We ship everywhere in the world that the United States Postal Service serves. That means USA/Canada/Mexico usually within a week, most of Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, and Asia. We ship orders internationally almost every day!


How long will it be until I receive my graphics?

Usually it takes two or three business days to set up, produce, laminate, and ship custom decals. Smaller things like Rimstripes and bulk tape are usually shipped the same day if your order is received before 12 noon Eastern time, and special orders such as multicolor printed graphics may take up to four days to allow for the printed ink to settle onto the vinyl. We might be able to expedite your order, depending on what it is, but please be aware that it may result in an inferior product. Ground shipping is typically 2-5 business days to mainland US.


How much does it cost for ______?

Anything we normally produce is up on the website here, or on our web store at All prices are dependent on the size of the decals, setup time involved, and material. Solid colors cost less than reflective colors, which cost less than multicolor printed graphics. Please call us at 800-232-TAPE (8273) or email us at for custom pricing.


Do you have logos for ______?

In the past, we made several logo kits for most of the bikes on the market from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Ducati, but licensing from several of those companies became too expensive for the amount of graphics we were producing, so we opted not to continue our licensing with a few of those companies. We might still have a few custom-designed kits for specific bikes, but we no longer offer logo sets for Kawasaki or Suzuki motorcycles. Even so, please feel free to give us a call - we may have some other graphics that will work.


Can you produce a decal from my artwork?

Yes we can! We are able to digitize most any reasonably-large file (the larger, the better) into a great-looking decal. You can send us any image format (.jpg, .gif, .tiff, .png, etc.) or you can send us an Adobe Illustrator vector file (.ai) so all we have to do is cut the vinyl. Since it takes time and money to make these things, we have to charge for the time it takes to set up your decals: $75 per hour. We urge you to send us an Illustrator file if you can.


What is your return policy?

Our return policy is outlined in full on our Returns Page: In short, the decals you ordered must be returned in mint condition, as we shipped them, within 30 days in order to receive a refund. We do not cover user errors. We do include a couple decals for practice purposes; we recommend applying those to your bike or other surface before continuing with the other decals.


Does Tapeworks produce OEM graphics?

Tapeworks is not the producer of any company's OEM factory graphics, so you'll have to talk to your local dealer about getting factory decals. However, we do make several designs to factory and near-factory spec; please call us at 800-232-TAPE (8273) for more details.


Can Tapeworks install decals on my bike?

Yes, we can install any decals you want on your bike, but of course, must we charge for such a service. Our installation charge is $75 per hour and in the end it usually ends up running about as much as the cost of your decals.

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