Tapeworks Blog Archive - January 2016


Two SuperDroid OCU Panels

We've known the guys at SuperDroid Robots for several years now. We first met them back when we had the shop on Ransdell Rd, when Charlie Payne brought his company to the south end of Monk's Rental. When they moved out of Monk's, we came with them, and now we share a building with SuperDroid.

SuperDroid design and manufacture a wide variety of robots used by SWAT teams, fire departments, the Air Force, and National Geographic, to name a few. Just last year they were featured on the Science Channel's show "All-American Makers" showing off the "Fire-Bot," which allows first responders to survey a scene for any hazards before entering.

The fact that SuperDroid produce almost everything as orders are placed and that everything they produce is made in their shop in North Carolina allows their customers to configure the robot to be exactly what is wanted or needed, including the remote OCUs (Operator Control Units), which is where Tapeworks comes in.

The OCUs need some sort of descriptive panel so the customer knows what they're doing, so SuperDroid come to us for these panels, for which we make special decals for whatever the controls may be.

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Read the full article here.

Creating Custom Decals

Customers often call us asking for custom work. We're more than happy to help you out - Mr. Jones from Wisconsin is looking for some obscure Pontiac logo from the 1950s, Ms. Farriss needs a replica logo from a drag bike, Tom needs an 899 Panigale decal - but there are materials we need to make these decals.

Usually we can make designs from a few high-resolution pictures taken with a ruler. A low-res photo with no dimensions on it makes it nearly impossible to figure out what it is we need to make.

Other times can we make designs from scratch, using photos as a guide and working with the customer to reach the product that he or she wants. It's a time-intensive process that involves a lot of trial and error, and can often result in an expensive end result.

Because of this time and cost, we often have customers say "It's just a decal, how come it costs so much?"

The easy answer, of course, being that the vinyl is not the biggest part of the cost.


Our Custom-Design Process is outlined below:

Click on each picture to expand.


Check out the Creating Custom Plate page for a full text breakdown of our process.

Not familiar with our recommended installation techniques? We have instructions online!

In keeping with the theme of custom graphics...

How Small Can We Make Decals?

Wasatch Photonics pushed us to the limits!

Feb. 11 2016

We have produced probably a half-dozen jobs for Jason at Wasatch Photonics over the last several months and we never back down from a good challenge, but nothing has tested our capabilities more than their latest order.

They needed ten sets of lettering for a trade show, fast, and they needed it in specific sizes in order for the decals to look right. The Cobra 800, Cobra 1050, and Cobra 1300 graphics, at 2.5" length, where a piece of cake. The WP)OCT at .8"H x 1.7"L were also no problem.

But issues started arising when we got to the "Improve Your Image" portion of the WP)OCT decals - those three words were only .13"H x 1.3"L and were almost impossible to produce by cutting vinyl. The lowercase letters were only .077" tall, and the letters were only .018" thick.

That's too small!

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