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Corvettes, Corvettes, Corvettes!

We've been so impressed with the support we've received from the Corvette owner community over these last couple years and we'd like to thank a few of you who have sent in photos. You all have wonderful cars, and we at Tapeworks thank you for choosing our Rimstripes to put on your cars!

Andrew Querner's Silver C7 Z06 with 1/8" 6017 Reflective Red Rimstripes:

- more coming soon -


"Mr. Groovy" the Z06 Stripe-It-All Tool

When we first introduced the Stripe-It-All tool to the public two years ago, we thought we had thought of every placement we could - our tool adjusts to tool based on our modification suggestions and it failed. It just didn't work right.

We don't like to give up, and the result is we've come up with a custom variation on the Stripe-It-All tool, which we're simply calling the 'Mr. Groovy' tool. The spool guides have been reshaped and shaved down to a knife edge enough that you can fit the spool down in the trough and install your stripe in much the same way that we've been installing them this whole time.

Of course, this tool works in every way the regular-issue Stripe-It-All tool does; you use the guides the same way, but this tool will put one of our Rimstripes in a tighter space than the original tool does, and it also comes with the special 3/16" spool that is only available with the Mr. Groovy Package.

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Tapeworks at the 2016 SEMA Show

We returned to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this year, for our second year exhibiting, and we've got a gallery of photos we took at the show for you!

Click here to see the whole gallery!

The Stripe-It-All Tool: Tapeworks' First Patent

Tapeworks is proud to announce that we have officially received our first patent, for our Stripe-It-All Installation Tool. After three years of R&D, several design proofs, and two years of working with our patent lawyer, we have finally reached the finished line and as of March 29, 2016, we are now the owners of US Patent 9,296,252.

Check out some of the diagrams from the patent:

Mark Ess and the Tale of 55 Wheels

The Power of the Stripe-It-All Tool


From across the pond, Mark Ess at Hi-Lite Signs in Lincolnshire, UK had a big task.  He needed to install rimstripes on a stable full of magnesium Marchesini racing wheels.  Having heard about the Stripe-It-All Installation Tool and after having watched the videos of the tool in action, Mark ordered one through our Amazon marketplace.

We received his order for a single Stripe-It-All tool. Since there's no direct line of contact between Tapeworks and our Amazon customers, we sent Mr. Ess a message through the Amazon website, letting him know what we're always looking for pictures of the end results.

Cheers Rob

Feel free to use the attached pictures. They’re not brilliant, just phone shots. The tool was used to install 6mm stripes to 55x wheels for the Honda Racing British Superbike team. (so 110x stripes!)

This would have been a serious headache job without it!!




We had NO IDEA that Mark needed to install rimstripes on 55 wheels! That's 110 stripes!!

Mark was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about the tool and what he thought about it:

How did you prep the wheels?

”The wheels were prepped by wiping with Isopropanol Alcohol.”

Did you install the rimstripes with the wheels laying flat on a table?

”No, we found it easier to put the wheel in a manual balancing stand. This allowed us to turn the wheel with one hand, whilst using the striping tool with the other in one smooth movement. The same could be done by lifting the bikes wheels with a paddock stand or similar to allow the wheels to turn. ”

Did you need to read the instructions?  If so, were they clear

”Yes the instructions were very clear. ”

Was the tool simple to set up for your application?

”The tool was simple to set up, and a technique was quickly established. Each stripe could then be completed in about 2 minutes, including mounting and dismounting the wheels and trimming either side of the wheel manufacturers logos.”

Did you need to experiment very much?

”Very little. Sometimes it was easy to rush with so many wheels to stripe, but when done smoothly and calmly, the result is a perfect stripe every time! ”

Mark told us, "This would have been a serious headache job without it!!"


For the Honda Racing British Superbike Team . . . That’s Pretty Darn Cool!

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