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Tapeworks have a new project: cars! Ford is the first maker on our list and we have been working on designing stripes for our Fiesta ST. We have other projects in the works, so keep an eye out for new products from Tapeworks for your car!

Kit 8100: Fiesta ST Racing Stripe $199

Fits 2014-2017 Ford Fiesta ST

This custom-fit racing stripe comes in sections for easy installation on EZ-install vinyl that traps no air bubbles!

Specially designed for the Fiesta ST's curves, our racing stripe follows the contours of the body. The stripe tapers from the grille to the roof and continues to narrow and widen along the length of the car. Some trimming is required, but we have designed holes for the radio antenna and license plate bolts. We think it looks great!

Currently available in flat black, metallic black, and pearl white. Call us for more information.

Ford Color Tapeworks Match Photo Examples

Nitrous Blue

(Focus RS)

042 Pro Blue