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The Corvette Stingray is one of our favorite new sports cars and we believe it's one of the best deals on the market today. You can get a serious dose of American power for less than a Lexus!

Tapeworks has several very good color matches to most of the new colors, including the new Daytona Sunrise Orange. Chevrolet offer a set of wheels as an option with either a red or a yellow stripe, in one width, for over five thousand dollars. Granted you can probably talk the dealer down in price, but you'll never get anywhere close to the Tapeworks price of fifty bucks, which includes a set of stripes and a Stripe-It-All tool. And Tapeworks can match your car's color!

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Chevrolet Color Tapeworks Match Photo Examples

Daytona Sunrise Orange

007 Metallic Orange

Torch Red

032 Fire Red

Blade Silver Metallic

004 Metallic Silver

Shark Gray Metallic

114 Carbon Charcoal

Laguna Blue

101 Laguna Blue

Admiral Blue

112 Grand Blue

Velocity Yellow

029 Yellow

Racing Yellow

100 Light Yellow

Collector Edition

Blue Interior

040 Medium Blue

Crystal Red

005 Metallic Red

Lime Rock Green

045 Dark Green

Sebring Orange

135 Tangerine

ZR1 Blue Decals & Brake Calipers

042 Pro Blue  

Red Brake Calipers

127 "F4i" Red  

Night Race Blue

Dark Royal Blue

call to order


026 Black


Arctic White

028 White


As always, we recommend calling us and trying a few color swatches on your car. Sometimes Rimstripes look better in a brighter, more vibrant color, or maybe you want to match the stripes to a different part of the car. For instance, even though 6032 Fire Red is the best match to Torch Red paint, 6127 "F4i" Red is a better match to the brake calipers, and the brightness helps the stripes pop.

Color swatches are free - just give us a call at 1-800-232-8273.


Check Out Mr. Groovy!

The Z06 wheel has a funky little groove on the rim, so Tapeworks also makes a specially-modified Stripe-It-All Tool called Mr. Groovy that will put a thin Rimstripe right down in that groove. Check it out:

The Mr. Groovy Stripe-It-All package comes with an entire unmodified Stripe-It-All Tool plus the specially-modified spool guides, a modified nut, an additional bolt, and a unique 3/16-inch spool - all of which are only available with a Mr. Groovy. You get enough parts to make two whole tools - a regular setup and a Groovy setup!


We used one of our Mr. Groovy tools to install some 6127 Red Rimstripes on Richard Huskins's Z06 and got some photos, so here's the whole installation process:

Before we could install the stripes, we needed to jack the wheels off the ground in order to rotate them during installation.

It was a three-stage process. Each front wheel could be jacked up individually; we had no problem there. The rear wheels, due to the limited-slip differential, were a very different situation. They won't rotate unless both wheels are off the ground and the car is in neutral.

So we carefully placed a piece of wood between the jack and the differential, to avoid marring the housing, and jacked up the rear until both wheels spun freely. It worked great and the red Rimstripes are the perfect accent to highlight those black wheels. Once we completed the installation, the Huskinses left in such a hurry that we didn't get time to photograph the finished results. So I emailed Richard to send us some photos, which he did:

"Below are the pictures of my Z06 with my red stripes. I think it looks great."

Rick Huskins Asheboro, NC


Other Corvette Examples:


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