What Do Jimmy Adamo, Ducati, Lotus, and New Jersey Have In Common?

The answer: Ralph Stechow at RS Motorsports

Ralph is a crazed Ducati rider, owner of RS Motorsports in Closter NJ, and a renowned Lotus specialist. Over the years Tapeworks has worked with Ralph to replicate decals for several of his cool, rare machines. For example, his 1984 Reno Leoni-tuned Cagiva 500GPC9, the one bike imported into the USA out of six built in 1985 for Jimmy Adamo to race.

Jimmy Adamo was an independent American AMA racer whose name became synonymous with 500cc twin-cylinder racing when he won the championship of AMA's Battle of the Twins Grand Prix in 1982 and 1983, the first two years of its existence. Always perched atop his Italian bikes, he won more twin-cylinder races than any other competitor in his time. His winning streak combined with his penchant for Italian motorcycles led to a trend of sorts that brought Ducati and Cagiva bikes into a new era of popularity. Jimmy Adamo was killed at Daytona in 1993 when his carbon-carbon brakes exploded.

Adamo's motorcycles were tuned and fabricated by Reno Leoni, a legendary Italian Ducati tuner who also worked with such names as Mike Baldwin and Freddie Spencer and whose bikes consistently beat the competition year after year.

Allow us to reiterate: Ralph owns one of these big-winning bikes.

Ralph came to us in search of reproduction decals when he was in the process of restoring the #26 Jimmy Adamo Cagiva that he owns. Of course, we were more than glad to help him get what he needs. Most of the sponsor decals (including reproduction Cagiva decals) are Tapeworks products.


Old Photos


Restored Photos

Photos taken by Phil Aynsley


Ralph's latest request for Tapeworks was for a few Lotus Esprit Turbo stickers.

Ralph's Email:

Hi Rob, attached are two pics of the decals.
Stripes: two 30mm wide stripes 10mm apart and need to be 15ft long. I will need two of these.

2 sizes:
116mm or 4.5" high & 12.5" long X4
100mm or 3 7/8" high & the corresponding length X4

I need these all in red.
Thanks Ralph

Rob wasn't sure that Tapeworks could produce a 15-foot-long double stripe with any degree of certainty, so Ralph and Rob discussed this and determined that four 80-inch-long (six feet, eight inches) sections of double tripe would do the job. Tapeworks can produce that without any issues.


The Turbo Esprit logo that Ralph sent was a good starting point, but Rob noted that the hollow 'Esprit' had varying line thickness and some funky radiuses. Of course, you will always get some curvature in an image when taking a picture, so when we digitized the logo we kept it as close as possible, but tidied it up, and made sure that the hollow 'Esprit' letter had a constant thickness (making them straight where it was necessary), and to retain the inner and outer corner radiuses.

You can see the vector lines we made in Adobe Illustrator in black.

The logo is then scaled as per Ralph's specs - 4.5" H (116mm) x 12.5" long. Ready to produce as a die-cut decal in 032 Fire Red.


In addition to the Lotus Esprit, Ralph owns a small collection of super-cool Lotus cars:

1954 Lotus Mark 6.

Lotus built about 100 of them.
It was the first production Lotus.
Built from 1952-1957
Total production: approx. 110
Weight: 952 lbs
Engine: Ford E93A 1172cc engine w SU Carburetors
3 speed manual transmission
Top speed: 93 mph


The Blue one is a 1960 Lotus Elite Type 14 Coupé.

It is unique because it is a fiberglass monocoque. Very pretty too! I finished a four year restoration on her last year.
Built from 1958-1963
Total Production: 1,050
Weight: 1116 lbs
Engine: Cooper Climax 1216 cc making 77 bhp
0-60: 11.1 seconds
1/4 mile: 18.4 seconds
Top speed: 118 mph


The white one is the Esprit

Built from 1976-2004
Total Production:
Weight: 2250 lbs
Engine: I4 2174 cc making 215 hp
0-60: 5.5 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.4 seconds
Top speed: 150 mph
5 Manual In rear transaxle


The red one is a late model Evora S.

Still in production
Weight: 3168 lbs
Engine: 3500cc V6 making 345 hp
0-60: 4.6 seconds
6 speed manual paddle shift
Top Speed: 172 mph