"Mr. Groovy" the Z06 Stripe-It-All Tool

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When we first introduced the Stripe-It-All tool to the public two years ago, we thought we had thought of every placement we could - our tool adjusts to tool based on our modification suggestions and it failed. It just didn't work right.

We don't like to give up, and the result is we've come up with a custom variation on the Stripe-It-All tool, which we're simply calling the 'Mr. Groovy' tool. The spool guides have been reshaped and shaved down to a knife edge enough that you can fit the spool down in the trough and install your stripe in much the same way that we've been installing them this whole time.

Of course, this tool works in every way the regular-issue Stripe-It-All tool does; you use the guides the same way, but this tool will put one of our Rimstripes in a tighter space than the original tool does, and it also comes with the special 3/16" spool that is only available with the Mr. Groovy Package.

Here's how we came up with this version:

Rob went to the local Chevy dealer and borrowed a Z06 wheel to see if the Stripe-It-All tool would install a stripe down in the groove.

Test 1 - Stock Tool: No good; it wouldn't get down into the groove.

Test 2 - Prototype 1: Modified the tool to expose the spool so it would extend down into
the groove... still no good ... the tape would roll off the side of the spool and install either
to the inner or outer side of the groove.

Test 3 - Prototype 2: Modified the tool again, filing down the side plates
to retain side walls to help keep the tape centered over the spool, yet
the spool still reaches down into the bottom of the groove.

And now it's available to anyone who wants one as part of our new multipurpose 8006 "Mr. Groovy" package, which includes all the parts to make a standard Stripe-It-All Tool as well as the hand-formed specialized "Mr. Groovy" parts for $79.95, which includes the 3/16" spool, an exclusive to the "Mr. Groovy" package.

Yes, that's quite a markup compared to the standard Stripe-It-All Tool
package, but you get double the Stripe-It-All parts and several specialized
hand-formed pieces. We don't get these parts injection-molded in this special
shape, we take the standard Stripe-It-All parts and file them down by hand, and
that takes time.

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David Zeiler's Z06:

We've got this new tool, so it's only appropriate that we share the car we first tried it on: David Zeiler's Corvette. David is a local NC guy, and he called us up and said he wanted a 6032 Fire Red Rimstripe for his Torch Red beauty. Rob went over to his house and installed it for him, and proved that 'Mr. Groovy' worked as it should!