A Tale About Mr. Groovy and One Pretty Z06



Richard Huskins ordered a set of 6127 F4i Red Rimstripes (a hair brighter than our popular Fire Red) back in March, but he didn't order a Stripe-It-All Tool and realized he wanted them professionally installed by us. So Richard called, set up an installation appointment, and he and his wife drove from their home in Asheboro to Tapeworks headquarters to have us install the red stripes on his beautiful silver 2016 Z06.

The grooved rims on the Z06 require use of our specially-modified Stripe-It-All Tool, known as Mr. Groovy, to lay the 1/8-inch stripe perfectly into the recess of the groove. But before we could install the stripes, we needed to jack the wheels off the ground in order to rotate them during installation.

It was a three-stage process. Each front wheel could be jacked up individually; we had no problem there. The rear wheels, due to the limited-slip differential, were a very different situation. They won't rotate unless both wheels are off the ground and the car is in neutral.

So we carefully placed a piece of wood between the jack and the differential, to avoid marring the housing, and jacked up the rear until both wheels spun freely. It worked great and the red Rimstripes are the perfect accent to highlight those black wheels. Once we completed the installation, the Huskinses left in such a hurry that we didn't get time to photograph the finished results. So I emailed Richard to send us some photos, which he did:

"Below are the pictures of my Z06 with my red stripes. I think it looks great."

Rick Huskins Asheboro, NC