The Very First Tapeworks Customer

By Rob Masecar

Bob Buchsbaum and I have known each other since the beginning of time. That means we're both old! We go back to the good old days of meeting and roadracing at Pocono in the 80s when Armco barriers were still things you just dealt with. Be a man!

I progressed from an RD400 to an '85 FZ750 (like just about everyone else on the grid), which is right around when Tapeworks first got its start.

Bob always had these gorgeous motorcycles that were the envy of the paddock. I've still got a few pics of his incredible RC30 with a few early Tapeworks stickers and I've gotten some from Bob - he must have repainted that RC30 five or six times, each time he crashed it.


About once a year, usually in the early months, I still get a call or an email from Bob in need of more stickers, and most of the time he needs some sort of crazy custom stuff. Either we are really good at what we do here at Tapeworks, or Bob can't find anyone else who can meet his demands, but we always seem to get the job done through several rounds of emails, calls, and proofs to get Bob exactly what he needs. Bob thinks I'm hard to deal with; I think the opposite is true.

I long ago hung up my hat but Bob is still out there doing track days - you have to see what he's riding now.

He says it's as close to full World Super Bike as you can get. I believe it, just take a look!


Bob's project for us in January 2016 was to produce some decals that he could send to Dainese, who would replicate them on his custom leathers. He wanted his leathers to reflect his bike and his brand, so we fashioned up an RSV4 logo and his trademark BRKNBNZ logo in the sizes he needed.

The results speak for themselves!


On February 1st, he emailed us and said he needed more decals - this time, he needs 'Aprilia/RACING'

The image shown was only 12kb and super-low resolution, which did not have enough information to properly digitize the whole image. We went online, found a high-resolution image of Aprilia's 'FACTORY' lettering, digitized that, then tweaked the letters to reach a replica of the 'RACING' word.