meta-tags Kit 4025 FiZzeR's Back

Kit 4025 FiZzeR's Back $239

Designed to fit any FZR1000 from 1991-1995

We started by painting this FZR1000 all white.

Then all the graphics and logos are black with silver shadowing. We designed the "FZR1000" logo to look modern and similar in style to the 97 "YZF" logo, and the rear number plate outline looks perfect. This kit also includes those pre-curved, big YAMAHAs for the belly so it looks parallel to the graphics. You also get the tank YAMAHAs and smaller YAMAHAs for the front and rear. Make your FZR1000 refreshingly modern looking and up-to-date. Order TODAY!
As with any Tapeworks kit, you can change colors to suit your taste. Simply call us and say, "I would like to order kit #4025 and my 1000 is all black so I would like to change the black to silver and change the silver shadows to charcoal."