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Little FiZzeR Kit 4015 $239

Designed specifically to fit the FZR400 in white and silver

Sorry it took us so long to develop the kit for the FZR400. They are hard to find in our neck of the woods. In fact, we had to buy this one just for the opportunity to produce the kit. The bodywork may look similar to the FZR600 but we found it to be considerably different. Not one panel is the same. Here's what we did: We removed the stock decals from the tail, upper, and lowers and had the tank and seat cowl painted black to match. The kit is white with silver accents. YAMAHAs for the lower fairing are included in these kits but have not been installed in these photos.

Race FiZR Kit 4016 $239
Same as kit 4015 above except for the rear number plate graphics

Make your FZR400 Race Track Trick!

Little FiZzeRII Kit 4017 $239
A variation on #4015, now offered as a 3-color kit in white, silver, and CBR red.

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Here is the stocker with decals removed from the tail, upper, and lowers. The tank and seat cowl have yet to be repainted (If you look closely, you can see the dark charcoal on the top of the tank and seat cowl).