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Kit Number

Kit Description


7475 - 7476

675 Daytona 675

(1 & 2-color logo set)


7477 - 7478

1050 Speed Triple

(1 & 2-color logo set)


Rocket Tribal Kit for the 2005 Rocket


2-color Number Plates for the Triumph Daytona


Thruxton 900 Number Plates


Rear Number Plates

7102 mockup


Thruxton 900 Rear Number Plates w/ 2-digit Numbers

Custom Made

7103 mockup


Thruxton 900 Rear Number Plates w/ 3-digit Numbers

Custom Made

7104 mockup

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Generic kits...see one of our Generic Kits installed on Triumphs

David Wright's Triumph Trophy

D&D Import Cycles' Triumph TT

  Generic Kit 5528 , Flames 4

$159 - 239

Generic kits are designed to install on virtually any bodywork. You simply install these graphics, allowing them to overhang off the edges and into ducts, and trim away the excess. You will find all kinds of styles from flames to lightning, installed on a wide variety of motorcycle brands and models. Any kit can be produced in any of over 100 colors (prices may vary so call for a price quote).

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