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Katana Logo Sets



 Custom Katana Logo Sets
 Sets 3697, 3698, 3701, 3702
 Early '90's Katana 600
 Sets 3681 through 3685
 Early '90's Katana 750
 Sets 3686 through 3691
 Early '90's Katana 1100
 Sets 3692 through 3696
 1998 Katana 600 & 750
 Sets 3699, 3700, 3703, 3704

Kit Description LINK Kit Number Price
Logos for the '89-97 Katana 600 3300 $149
Main Graphics and Logos for the '89-97 Katana 600 3301 $269
Main Graphics and Logos for the '89-97 Katana 600 3302 $239
Main Graphics, Logos, and Shadows for the '89-97 Katana 600 3303 $339
Main Graphics and Logos for the '89-97 Katana 600 3304 $239

Generic kits
Generic kits are designed to install on virtually any bodywork. You simply install these graphics, allowing them to overhang off the edges and into ducts, and trim away the excess. You will find all kinds of styles from flames to lightning, installed on a wide variety of motorcycle brands and models. Any kit can be produced in any of over 100 colors (prices may vary so call for a price quote).
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Changing Colors
Any solid color kit can be produced in any of over 100 colors so just because a kit may show in black for example, doesn't mean you can't have it produced in fluorescent green if you desire
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Need help with what colors look best together in a kit? See the Color Combo Finder to help you determine custom color combinations.
That's what makes TAPEWORKS Graphics such a pleasure to work with. We are here to help.


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