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3185 Check this out - Tapeworks made the 2008 Style Graphics and Logos fit the 1999-2007 bodywork!!
- Includes '08 style fairing, tank, and tail stripes
- also includes full logo set
- preassembled in your choice of colors!
$279 - $399

Click on links below to view logo sets that can be used for most 99-07 Hayabusa models, with variations as shown:
Universal "SuperBusa" Logo Sets- these kits are the perfect solution for your Hayabusa if you have repainted, plan to repaint, or have removed the stock logos.
Custom Displacement sets...1360cc, 1400cc, etc
Hollow, Full 2-color and 3-color sets
Untruncated sets...strokes of the Kanji symbol are full size, not specifically trimmed for left side/right side
Model Year Specific Logo Sets and Graphics Kits, below - these kits are designed to mimic the stock logo sizes and shapes for the different years. Some kits are Overlays* others are Non-Overlays**.
*Overlays - have been designed slightly oversize in order to install directly over the stock decals to cosmetically change the color. As a result, there is no need to remove any of the OEM decals but the installation is very exacting.
**Non-Overlays - work best when the bike has either been repainted or the stock decals have been removed so you are NOT installing over top of any original logos.

A Historical Timeline of Hayabusa logo changes from 1999-2006
Hayabusa Logos have changed through the years, primarily to the size and shape of the big Japanese symbol and the GSX1300R. Click on the image below to see the timeline of Hayabusa logo changes from 1999-2006.

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