meta-tags Kit 3181 Shadow Graphics and Logo Overlays

Kit 3181 Shadow Graphics and Logo Overlays


For the 2005 Hayabusa (Regular Edition)

- Kit 3181 produced in Solid, Metallic, Pearlescent, or Fluorescent colors (standard) $179
- Kit 3181 produced in Flexi-Chrome, CarbonLOOK, Flip-Flop, Bass Boat Metallic, or Reflective colors (premium) $219

This kit includes Shadow Graphics and all the logo decals for the 2005 Hayabusa (Regular Edition). Easy to install! You don't need to remove any of the stock stickers. Choose chrome as shown below, or from any of Tapeworks 88+ colors!
Wait until you see it in person on your bike.

Kit Number Shadow Color Link  Price
3181a #116 Chrome $219
Choose from one of these colors or pick your own from any of Tapeworks 88+ color choices!

compare to the stock 2005 Hayabusa

Solid color vinyl colors can be changed to any of the Tapeworks vinyl color choices... Click here to see our Color Chart. Need help with what colors look best together in a kit? See the Color Combo Finder to help you determine custom color combinations.

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