meta-tags Kit 3160 Back to Black

Kit 3160 Back to Black $339

For the 94-98 GSXR1100

 Some kits are just worth the wait.

If you can remember back to 1990 when the GSXR1100 was available in black and dark chacoal, It was BEAUTIFUL!

We've taken a more modern approach to the 94-98 1100. With thoroughly updated graphics modeled after the incredibly popular 750, Tapeworks offers kit #3160 in 3 metallic colors: dark charcoal, charcoal, and silver. The logos are done in chrome tape. MEAN! MODERN! MESMORIZING!

Need we say more!!!

Order Kit 3160 $339
For the 94-98 GSXR1100

Mono Tone Kit 3161 $339
For the 94-98 GSXR1100

The exact same graphics as 3160 above except all in 1 color: lavender. The logo set is still chrome. A different day. A different color.

If you love the kit but don't the color, we have the answer for you. Just call us and tell us what color(s) you prefer. That goes for virtually any product we offer.

But, you have to call us. Order Today!