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Goin' Back In Time

Both Kit 3150 or 3151 will make your 93-95 GSXR750 look like the 1996 model. Each kit supplies you with all the blue graphics and logos, all the fluorescent red graphics and logos, and just a little bit of white.

The only difference is the tail sections graphics.

# 3150 uses the stock tail
# 3151 uses Airtech's '96 style tail

Go back to the year 1993. Suzuki had restyled their GSXR750. It was (and still is) a superb sportbike. It made a great racebike. They left it virtually unchanged for 3 years and sold thousands. Then came 1996 and Suzuki radically changed the face of cutting edge sportbikes just as they'd done 10 years earlier. The press made it sound like all pre'96 models would be rendered obsolete and should be put out to pasture.

TAPEWORKS thought otherwise.

"I think we should develop a design for the older bike. See if you can make it look as close as possible in color and shape to the 1996 model," said the boss.

Using our expertise in motorcycle graphics design, we set about developing a set of graphics for this bike. First we called Airtech and they sent us a set of bodywork and 2 solo tails. We painted everything white. Then product development went through the usual: sketch, prototytpe, sample cut and install, modify, then recut and reinstall before they had something to show marketing.

The Result: "Better than we ever expected!"

Go Back To '95 Kit 3150 $339

Go Back Now Kit 3151 $339