meta-tags Kit 3134 Shadows for the 2004 Blue/White GSXR1000

Kit 3134 Shadows $59-$79

for the 2004 Blue/White GSXR1000

- Kit 3134 produced in Standard Colors (Solids, Metallics, Pearlescents, or Fluorescents) - $59
- Kit 3134 produced in Premium Colors (Flexi-Chrome, CarbonLOOK, Flip-Flop, Bass Boat, or Reflective) - $79

Kit 3134 is a beautiful graphics add-on for the 2004 blue/white GSXR1000. Kit 3134 is designed to install adjacent to the bottom edge of the stock white zig-zag graphics. The result is the ability to cosmetically alter the look without removing any of the OEM decals. Order now in any of the colors we show, or specify the color you want!!

Wait until your friends see this kit installed on YOUR '04 GSXR1000.

Here's what you get with kit 3134:

Kit 3134 is shown here in 3 different color combinations. Choose one of these or specify the colors you want.
(any kit can always be CUSTOM ordered in most any other color you choose)
3134a - #107 CBR red
(our closest match to the stock 'R' and '1000')


3134b - #12 Metallic Gold
(a nice match to the brake calipers)


3134c - #116 Flexi-Chrome


Click here to see the stock 2004 Blue & White GSXR1000

Changing Colors

Any solid color kit can be produced in any of over 100 colors so just because a kit may show in black for example, doesn't mean you can't have it produced in fluorescent green if you desire... Click here to see our Color Chart. Need help with what colors look best together in a kit? See the Color Combo Finder to help you determine custom color combinations. That's what makes TAPEWORKS Graphics such a pleasure to work with. We are here to help.