meta-tags Kit 3020 Big Bruce

Kit 3020 Big Bruce $119

Shown on a dark green TL1000S with a Targa pre-painted lower fairing

A couple of changes is all you have to do to acheive this look. First, order that lower fairing from Targa (we don't sell it). Second, order kit 3020 from Tapeworks (that's us) at 1-800-232-TAPE. We send you the jagged main graphic that goes on the lower and also on the tail section in metallic charcoal and champagne shadows. Tapeworks also sends you the SRAD/SUZUKI RAM AIR DIRECT and big SUZUKI logo to go on the lower in champagne. It doesn't take much to produce dramatic improvements click here to see the before picture.
See this kit on Tapeworks' customer Terrence Brownlee's TL1000S!!