meta-tags Kit 3011 Feeling Lucky

Kit 3011 Feeling Lucky $339

Feelin' Lucky? Well, are you?

If so, then TAPEWORKS Graphics has the kit for you and It Really Smokes!

Our objective is to showcase how the bike's unconventional brown can be made to look hot and become the center of attention wherever you go. Beautiful lines, nice colors, rimstripes, the huge "S". I think we surpassed our objective.

Warning: The Surgeons at TAPEWORKS have determined that graphics kits attract attention and are addictive and habit Forming.

This kit includes the stripes for the upper, lowers, and tail, the 2 stripes that install on the lower half of the gas tank (covered up by the tank bra in the above photo), plus logos. You also receive the number plate outlines, accents, and logos. This kit uses the stock '96 brown and gold gas tank.

Shown on AirTech Bodywork painted metallic brown.