meta-tags Kit 3000c WingMan

Kit 3000c WingMan $339.00

Here's what you get in kit 3000c:

The 3 different blue stripes for the upper, lowers, tank, and tail:
- Top Stripe, in #037 TF Blue
- Middle Stripe, in #046 Fluorescent Red
- Bottom Stripe, in #003 Metallic Charcoal
A full set of logos (excludes the AirTech logos).
- SUZUKI, on tank, in #004 Silver
- SUZUKI, in front and on lower, in #037 TF Blue
- R/GSX, in #004 Silver and #046 Fluorescent Red
The graphics above the ram air ducts and the rear number plate outline stripes (in #037 TF Blue and #004 Silverr )