meta-tags Kit 3000a Squadron Leader

Kit 3000a Squadron Leader $339.00

Designed to resemble the stock graphics shapes from the Blue / White 1996 GSXR750

Here's what you get in kit 3000a:
The 3 different blue stripes for the upper, lowers, tank, and tail:
- Top Stripe, in #037 TF Blue
- Middle Stripe, in #039 Vivid Blue
- Bottom Stripe, in #113 Copenhagen
A full set of logos (excludes the AirTech logos).
- SUZUKI, on tank, in #004 Silver
- SUZUKI, in front and on lower, in #037 TF Blue
- R/GSX, in #046 Fluorescent Red and #028 White
The graphics above the ram air ducts and the rear number plate outline stripes (in #037 TF Blue and #046 Fluorescent Red)
TAPEWORKS designed these graphics packages to fit stock or aftermarket bodywork. They look like stock, will install on stock, are a whole lot cheaper than stock, the colors are almost identical, but we've made pieces oversize where duct openings and shapes may vary slightly from stock. This allows you to do some finish trimming where pieces overhang. We also modified the number plate outline by enlarging it to allow for competition spec numbers. For street or track, these kits will keep you flyin', lookin' good, and save you some bucks.