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Tapeworks' Rimstripes is one of the first striping systems designed specifically for wheels. For nearly 25 years, our product has gone through several changes; we use only the highest-quality material available and most of our customers' Rimstripes last several years - even decades! Available in all of our nearly 100 colors in three widths, there's a set of Rimstripes for everyone! Rimstripes are designed to install on any wheel as long as it has a reasonably consistent rim with a smooth surface.


Standard Rimstripes

1 Roll = 1 Vehicle

Standard Rimstripes come with five stripes on a single roll and are designed to be installed carefully by hand, or very easily with the help of our new Stripe-It-All tool.

Why five stripes? Well, you only need four stripes, one for each outside edge (two per wheel on a motorcycle, one per wheel on a car) and an extra for practice and damage control.



Strobed Pre-Curved

1 Set = 1 Vehicle

Strobed Pre-Curved Rimstripes are die-cut to fit the diameter of your wheel and are easy to install by hand. Each kit comes with sixteen 90° sections that allows you to install up to four pieces per rim.

Pre-Curved Rimstripes are laminated with a clear vinyl on top of the product that allows for easier installations. Because of this laminate, pre-curved Rimstrieps cannot be installed with a Stripe-It-All tool.


Check out the Stripe-It-All installation tool!

It's the easiest way to install Rimstripes!

Available Colors

Rimstripes are available in all of our ~100 vinyl colors, in addition to our custom digital-print colors, such as 144 Reflective Kawasaki Green. Our 6400-series Multicolor Rimstripes are available in a wide range of colors and styles, with strobes or fades, and hundreds of possible color combinations.

Please see our Color Chart page for all our vinyl color options.

Click Here for a list of all available vinyl colors and examples on bikes.