Rimstripes by Tapeworks

Part of the Stripe-It-All Pinstriping System


Tapeworks' Rimstripes is one of the first striping systems designed specifically for wheels. For nearly 25 years, our product has gone through a few changes, but we have always used only the highest-quality material available and most of our customers' Rimstripes last several years - even decades! Available in all of our colors, three widths, and two lengths, there's a set of Rimstripes for everyone and every wheel with a rim.

Available Colors

Rimstripes are available in all of our ~100 vinyl colors, as well as all of our custom digital-print colors, such as 144 Reflective Kawasaki Green. Our 6400-series Multicolor Rimstripes are available in a wide range of colors and styles including Custom colors, with a few different styles of fades and strobes available.

There is a set of Rimstripes in a color that will match your car, bike, or motorcycle.

Stripe Widths

We offer Rimstripes in three widths - 1/8" - 1/4" - 3/8" - but the thinner materials that we use for Solids, Metallics, and Pearls are not available in the 3/8" width due to buckling when used with the Stripe-It-All Tool. However, all Reflectives and Fluorescents are available in 3/8" widths.

Please see our Color Chart page for all our vinyl color options.

Click Here for a list of all available vinyl colors and examples on bikes.


Solid ColorsReflectivesMetallicsFluorescentsPearlescents

All Vinyl Colors SolidMetallicPearlescentFluorescentReflective & MulticolorBass Boat
NEW 6400-Series Multicolor!

Types of Rimstripes

Standard Rimstripes

1 Roll = 1 Vehicle

Standard Rimstripes come with five stripes on a single roll and are designed to be installed either by hand or with our patented Stripe-It-All Tool.

Basically, you just cut each set into individual stripes and install. Each set comes with all the striping you need for one car, bike, motorcycle, etc. and at least one extra stripe if you bung one up.

100 Colors

1/8" - 1/4" - 3/8" Widths

60" length for up to 18" wheels

80" length for up to 23" wheels


Strobing Pre-Curved

1 Set = 1 Vehicle

Pre-Curved Rimstripes install like any of our other die-cut decals - the invidual pieces of colored vinyl are held together by a clear top carrier and will not install with a Stripe-It-All Tool. Cut the set into individual stripes, install with the clear top carrier, then peel the clear off, leaving the color on your rim.

Available in all 100 colors!

Custom Strobes also available - call to order.




Matching Colors

We have a huge knowledge base of color matches for all sorts of cars, whether you have a Ford or a Dodge or a Chevy, or something more exotic. And if you have any questions regarding a color match, you can always call us and ask for some free color samples!

Car Colors:

BMW - Corvette - Dodge - Ford - Porsche

Motorcycle Colors:

BMW - Ducati - Honda - Kawasaki - Suzuki - Yamaha