Any LOGO, any COLOR, any SIZE!!!
YOU determine the size for these individual logos...they are not intended to be "stock" sizes. So get a tape measure, hold it up to your bike where you intend to install the decal, and determine what size looks right...then call us at (800) 232-TAPE.

Pricing Information for Individual and Custom Logos

Minimum Order is $35 when ordering individual logos.

Using STANDARD COLORS (Solid, Metallic, Pearlescent, and Fluorescent):
1-color decals, minimum $5 ea, $ 1 per inch
2-color decals, minimum $10 ea, $ 2 per inch
3-color decals, minimum $15 ea, $ 3 per inch
4-color decals, minimum $20 ea, $ 4 per inch
Using PREMIUM COLORS (Flexi-Chrome, Flip-Flops, Reflectives, CarbonLOOK, Bass Boat Metallic):
1-color decals, minimum $7.50 ea, $ 1.50 per inch
2-color decals, minimum $15 ea, $ 3.00 per inch

Here's the info we will need from you: Qty, Logo Part #, Size (length, in inches), Color # or color name

Minimum total logo order is $35 (plus shipping and handling).

We can sell you the very material we produce our decals from. Then you can produce your own graphic design or custom fitted shape. Cut off a 14" wide roll, we sell it by the foot length.

Price per 12"
(14" Wide)
Color Group
$8 Solids (except #107 CBR Red, see below), Pearls, Metallics
$10 Fluorescents
$12 Bass Boat Metallics, Reflectives, Flexi-Chrome, Flip-Flop,
#107 CBR Red, CarbonLOOK*

*NOTE: part # 6301 is the 14 x 47" CarbonLOOK sheet for $39.95

If you buy a 3 foot length of reflective, you will get a sheet 14 x 36", cost: $36.

Any further questions or to order, just call 800-232-TAPE or email us.