meta-tags Kit 2302 The WillieMac

Kit 2302 The WillieMac $299

If bright is what you want, then we have what you want.
Offered in Fluorescent magenta with metallic purple shadows.
It speaks for itself, let it speak for you. Everybody's going to eat this up!!!


Here's the WillieMac with a couple detail changes.

1. Remove the "Ninja"on the tail and the "ZX9R" above the turn signal.

2. Order and install a set of "tank Kawasaki overlays for the 98 ZX9R", $20.00 kit price $319

What a difference a couple decals makes!!!

Scroll up and study how different they look. AMAZING!!!!


I Have to Lav It Kit 2303 $299

And we did. Just a little bit more pastel then the WillieMac.
Offered in lavender with black shadows.
What a sweetie!!!