meta-tags Kit 2071 We Attack the Black

Kit 2071 We Attack the Black $339

You get all the Fluorescent Green and Royal Purple graphics, the white ZX9R on the tail, and the TAPEWORKS Graphics decal.

(Rimstriping extra) Don't think for a minute that our designers dislike the black (yes, we know it's really purple) '97 ZX9R. Sometimes plain is better. But, not in this case. The Before and After photos illustrate this better than any hype we could ever write. The flowing shape of this design completely changes the look and feeling of this motorcycle. Designed specifically for the 96-97 ZX9R from the number plate outline on the tail to the elegant shapes up by the headlights, we are correct when we say "Because It's All In The Decals." add Fluorescent Green Rimstriping, Kit 6078, only $22.95