Tapeworks Articles

We've been writing some helpful articles for our customers to read, and we hope that they can offer a bit of an insight to the work that goes into making your graphics.

Making Custom Number Plates

How Small is Too Small?


Tapeworks in Magazines:

Cycle World, October 97

A fantastic article on p.62 showing the rebirth of a late 80's GSXR using Tapeworks custom decals. A huge color spread shows how logos make the bike!

Motorcyclist, August 97

Check out the article on p. 82 Installing Tapeworks Graphics on the FZR600
and p. 101 showing our kit for the 97 F3
Click here to see the red 97600F3 in all its Silver & Black glory.

Sport Truck, October 97

"The Carbon Fiber Files" p. 121, They install our CarbonLOOK Graphics decal sheet, get hooked on it,
and start playing the "what if" game: What about covering this gismo, what about those.....?


Other articles where Tapeworks Graphics have appeared:
Aug 97, MotorCyclist, p. 82, Half Day Hop Up
Aug 97, MotorCyclist, p. 101, Red 97 CBR600F3
Jun 97, Sport Rider, p. 59, 64, 67, 72 Power of the Poconos
Jun 97, Cycle World, p. 44, Triple X Maximum Blackbird
Dec 96, Sport Rider, p. 38, Yamaha TZ750 Street Bike
Aug 96, Sport Rider, p. 54, Supersport GSXR750
Aug 94, Sport Rider, p. 94, Retro Rocket Skoal Bandit RG500
Jun 94, Sport Rider, p. 38, Full Power Tornado GSXR1100
Jan 92, MotorCyclist, Return to the Poconos, p.58
Jan 91, MotorCyclist, Power of the Poconos, p. 32