Return Policy

No returns will be accepted beyond 30 days of invoice date.

Customer must call Tapeworks and receive a return authorization number or code prior to returning any product. Any returned product must be accompanied with a return authorization number, written explanation for return, and a copy of the original invoice.

Returned products MUST be returned in "new" resaleable condition, in original packaging.

In the case of bike kits, they must be in the colors listed by their stock part number in order to be returnable for a refund. Returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee (exclusive of shipping and handling, which is nonrefundable). Tapeworks will inspect all returns for damage and determine whether additional fees need to apply. No refund will be issued if returned product is damaged beyond use, if it has been used, or if product has been damaged in shipping as a result of customer using insufficient return packaging.

Items NOT refundable:

-Bike Kits ordered in colors other than listed by stock part number (it is then considered a custom-ordered product)
-Logo sets and individual logos are all custom ordered in custom requested colors and/or sizes.

Tapeworks makes every effort to ensure customers get what they ask for and usually asks what the customer is trying to do to their bike, and what colors they want (and if they are trying to closely match a particular color). Tapeworks will not be held liable if colors are not exact matches to OEM (if you need OEM decals, order those from your dealer) or not what the customer was "expecting". No computer monitor or any printed brochure is 100% accurate and should be used only as a guide.

Tapeworks also makes every effort to ensure customers get the decals in the sizes they want. Tapeworks will offer assistance on sizing of decals but, ultimately it's up to the customer to specify sizes for custom logos, and Tapeworks will not be liable if the sizes are not what the customer "thought was the right size." It's simple - just approximate the size you want with a tape measure.

Tapeworks packages and ships its products usually 3 ways:

1. Flat, with decals sandwiched in cardboard and sealed shut.
2. Thick wall tube, for bike kits, some logo sets, and other large graphics
3. Cardboard box, usually for large multiple product orders.

Damaged shipping container/package

If your order arrives and its shipping container appears crushed, folded, or severely damaged, notify that freight company immediately (usually UPS, 800-PICK-UPS) and keep all packaging and contents for proof. The freight company may have to come pick up the damaged package from you. An inquiry and investigation process from the freight company will proceed and will usually take 7-10 business days. Call us at 800-232-TAPE.

Defective product

Tapeworks will replace defective product, if it is determined that it is in fact defective and not a result of improper installation techniques used by the customer. Call us at 800-232-TAPE.

Incorrect product

Tapeworks will replace incorrectly produced product, if it is determined that it is in fact incorrectly produced (Example: the invoice states one thing, like color specs, and the customer received something else). Call us at 800-232-TAPE.