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On Clearcoating Decals:

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to clearcoat our decals if they were installed on a properly cleaned surface. Since we use only the best quality vinyl films (the same vinyls used by the automotive OEMs for their pinstriping and graphics), these products are NOT coming off unless you forcefully pick at them. Decals with sharp corners may tend to snag on rags if you are not careful when washing and waxing so be careful in those areas!

The factories tend to clearcoat the gas tank decals and not the rest. For the ultimate durability and smoothness, clearcoating is the way to go since you seal everything in. Conversely, if you ever need to repair a panel that has been clearcoated, your job will be much harder and costlier and you will probably have to strip it all off down to the base material, repaint, redecal, and reclearcoat.

If however you really want to clearcoat your decals, our decals have been found to be quite compatible with the quality automotive urethanes (Dupont, PPG, etc.). Always test for compatibility first as there are so many variables involved with painting. Our recommendation is to apply at least 1 coat of clear, and let it cure so it's not outgassing. Then wet sand the surface smooth, install the decals, then clearcoat them in with additional coats of clear. Just remember that it will add a lot more to your project, cost wise and time wise.