meta-tags Kit 1032 Race Version: Future 600RR and #Plates

Kit 1032 Race Version: Future 600RR and #Plates $399

for the 2003-2004 CBR600RR

Kit 1032 is the race version of kit 1031, altered to fit on race bodywork. Order a set of race glass, paint it any color you want, order kit 1032, install, and go racing looking like a factory rider!! Tapeworks specifically designed this kit to fit Sharkskinz 600RR race bodywork where the bodywork seams have been changed from OEM. Race Number Plates have also been designed for the upper fairing (no headlight hole) and for solo tails. You'll look like a winner on the track with this kit.

Order kit 1032 and you will receive the full set of Race Version 'Future 600RR' 2-color graphics, the Race Version Front and Rear Number Plates, the pinstripe edging for Number Plates, the HONDA w/ wings set for the gas tank, (2) CBRs, (2) big HONDAs for the belly, (1) small HONDA for the front and (1) small HONDA for the rear.

Here's what you get when you order Kit 1032:

Colors shown below are just examples. Order kit 1032 in the colors you want. (Specify colors when ordering)

Click here to see the stock 2003 Black CBR600RR

Click here to see the stock 2003 Yellow CBR600RR

Click here to see the stock 2003 Red/Black CBR600RR

Here's some additional logos you may want to add to your order to complete your 600RR transformation.

Order from the colors we found look great, or specify your own color to make your 600RR even more unique. (Specify colors when ordering)

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