meta-tags Kit 1010 Wing'n F2 in Silver

 "Wing'n F2 in Silver" for the 91-94 F2

Kit #1010, Only $249

Tapeworks designed this F2 kit to overhaul the almost forgotten F2.
Kit 1010 is offered with the graphics in silver #4 and the logos in white #28.
See it on Jeff Felker's F2!
Colors can always be changed to any of over 100 different colors for a $25 surcharge.

click here for a side view

Tapeworks has designed a fantastic Wings kit designed to install specifically on the F2. Here we have installed it on a metallic blue 93 F2. It's perfect!

See the matching helmet kit, Kit 1900, only $79

If you have the 91-94 CBR600F2 and you are planning to repaint it), then order kit 1010 , only $249.00. It gives you everything you need to make your bike look TRICK. All the wings. All the logos shown here. Want to paint your 600 another color? .... No problem! Want to change the color of kit 1010 to suit your individual taste?.... Also No Problem! Changing Colors discusses how easy it is for you to order a kit in the colors of your choice. The Color Combo Finder was designed help you determine color combinations.

Here's what you get in kit 1010:

  • All 5 silver wings, the silver front fairing pieces, and the silver tail section number plate stripes
  • The following white logos: 1 small HONDA for the front upper, two 600F2s for the tail section, the HONDA w/ wings set for the gas tank, the CBRs, big HONDAs on the belly.
  • What a transformation!

    Order Today! Kit #1010, Only $249

    Changing Colors

    Any solid color kit can be produced in any of over 100 colors so just because a kit may show in black for example, doesn't mean you can't have it produced in fluorescent green if you desire... Click here to see our Color Chart. Need help with what colors look best together in a kit? See the Color Combo Finder to help you determine custom color combinations. That's what makes TAPEWORKS Graphics such a pleasure to work with. We are here to help.