meta-tags Installing a Generic Kit

Installing a Generic Kit is easy

(that doesn't mean it won't take a while and require a bit of patience)

Here we are installing Kit 5501 on a GSXR750 that we painted Dodge stealth blue. First we installed some outline logos in white so that we could make sure they installed without the graphics getting in the way. Then we could install the graphics around them. (This is a set of race bodywork so it doesn't have the headlight cutout.)

Step 1: Install the primary color

Notice that we haven't done any trimming yet and you can see the overhang off the fairing edges and into the duct openings.

Step 2: Stress Relief Trimming and Tucking

For best results use a hobby knife with a sharp blade, or a razor blade.
When you encounter ducts that have a big recess as shown here, you will have to make a cut (or more, depending on the situation) to relieve the stress and tension before proceeding. The vinyl is elastic and will stretch but only up to a point.

Continue installing the graphic into the duct.

Here is an example of a shallow duct recess that we could install the graphic into without having to make any stress relief cut.

Step 3: Remove the clear application tape

Remove the clear application tape by peeling it straight back over itself as shown here. Notice that we have trimmed the graphic in the duct opening area (the left hand is actually holding the trimmed section.

Step 4: Final Trimming Details

Trim as necessary along fairing panel seams, fastener holes, ducts, and edges of fairing.

We will add pictures of us installing the shadows as photos become available.

That's the part that really makes your kit come alive!