meta-tags Kit 5975 SUPERSTAR Flame Helmet

Kit 5975 SUPERSTAR Flame Helmet Kits $89

The NEXT Generation in Flames from Tapeworks

- Available in 45 different ColorStyles. These helmet kits are designed to coordinate with the Superstar bike graphics kits, but look good all on their own!
- Special New Vinyl ...Very easy to install...You cannot trap air bubbles! Incredible!!!
- Comes with High Gloss Clear lamination for durability. No need to clear-coat ... (unless you really want to).
- ColorStyle Guide ... See 45 Different flame color styles against any of 11 different color backgrounds ... A fantastic aid for helping you choose what flames will look best on your helmet color.

Generic Helmet Flames kits are simple to install because it really doesn't matter how you arrange the flame pieces on the helmet. Since real flames are not symmetrical, you don't have to install these symmetrically left and right side either if you don't want to. Wherever it looks right to you is where you should install them. (Click here to see how to install a Generic Helmet kit.) Now that's fun!

The point is this ...... Generic kits are NOT designed specifically for any helmet.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Use the ColorStyle Guide.
- See flames, grouped by color, against a range of
background colors.
- Allows you to see what a particular flame color will
look like on different helmet colors.
Styles 100-108
Reds, Oranges, Yellows
Part # 5975-100


See the helmet with matching bike graphic...

Styles 200-203
Styles 300-305
part # 5975-302
Styles 400-403
Styles 500-507
part # 5975-500
Styles 600-608
part # 5975-600


See the helmet with matching bike graphic..

Styles 700-704
part # 5800-703

3. Call 800-232-TAPE and order kit 5975 in the style you like,