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Kit 5809 Naked Bike BONFIRE Flames $149-$189

NEW! Now available in REFLECTIVE!

Scroll to kit 5809f R, Bonfire Lava REFLECTIVE version!
Standard kit (any color style)- $149
Reflective kit (any color style) - $189

Engulf your naked bike in flames that look like real fire!! Fits ANY naked bike!

Available in 7 different Colors.

The NEXT Generation in Flames from Tapeworks
- Special New Vinyl ... You cannot trap air bubbles! Incredible!!!
- Very easy to install.
- Comes with High Gloss Clear lamination for durability.
- No need to clear-coat ... (unless you really want to).

Kit Number See examples (not necessarily on a naked bike) See it on Customers' Bikes!
kit 5809a
Natural Fire
kit 5809b
Blue Fire
kit 5809c
kit 5809d
kit 5809e
kit 5809f
kit 5809f R
Reflective Lava
Day and Night  
kit 5809g

See Bonfire kits 5801 (Full Fairing version) kit on actual customer's bikes!
Otto Kruse's GSXR600, Mike Hyson's GSXR600, Alan Sutton's (Bikes Unlimited) GSXR600, Glen Hill's Katana

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As with all Generic kits, the pieces are designed oversize to overhang off the fairing edges and into duct openings. Finish trimming we leave up to you, but a little cut here, a little overlap there, some trimming to finish it off, and you'll come out with something truly special.