meta-tags Kit 5803 Lazy Flames

Kit 5803 Lazy Flames Generic $299

This kit looks so much like a custom airbrush paint job, you won't believe your eyes!

Available in four color styles. This kit includes flame sections to go on front fender, tail, fairing upper- mid- and lower (and onto tank). Designed to install on any full-fairing bike, any model, any color. Check out how great this kits looks. Order this kit for a look that is completely different!

Logos (like the words Kawasaki, YAMAHA, HONDA, TL1000), if needed, are sold separately.

Style Number Colors (foreground to background) Links to photos
This kit is shown on red, yellow, and black backgrounds. Also shown installed on a white Yamaha R6.
5803a Grey-Blue
See this kit installed!
5803b Grey-Red-Orange
5803c Grey-Orange-Blue
5803d Orange-Blue-Green
5803e Red-Grey-Blue

As with all Generic kits, the pieces are designed oversize to overhang off the fairing edges and into duct openings. Finish trimming we leave up to you but, a little cut here, a little overlap there, some trimming to finish it off, and you'll come out with something truly special.