meta-tags Ki5 5750 Lightning Lava

$299 (nonreflective) - $379 (reflective)

Engulf your bike in in the look of cooling lava!! This Generic kit fits ANY full-fairing sport bike! The beauty of Generic Kits is that you can install where you see fit and where the pieces fit best.

The NEXT Generation in Flames from Tapeworks

- The Non-Reflective kit is produced with Special "No Air Bubble" Vinyl ... You cannot trap air bubbles! Incredible!!!
- Both Non-Reflective and Reflective kits come with High Gloss Clear lamination for durability.
- No need to clear-coat ... (unless you really want to).

As with all Generic kits, the pieces are designed oversize to overhang off the fairing edges and into duct openings. Finish trimming we leave up to you, but a little cut here, a little overlap there, some trimming to finish it off, and you'll come out with something truly special.