meta-tags Kit 5725 Waving Checkerboard

Kit 5725 Waving Checkerboard $299

The NEXT Generation in Kits from Tapeworks
- Special New Vinyl ... You cannot trap air bubbles! Incredible!!!
- Comes with High Gloss Clear lamination for durability.
- Checkerboard design has shading to give it a 3-D look
- No need to clear-coat ... (unless you really want to)
- Installs easily on any full fairing sportbike (wherever you decide)

Available in 13 Color Combinations
Kit #
See each against 12 different color backgrounds Examples
5725 a
Mocked up on an R1
    Side View
    Front View
    Rear View
    With some logos installed
5725 b
(Black-Dk. Blue)
5725 c
(Black-Lt. Blue)
5725 d
5725 e
5725 f
(Dk. Blue-Yellow)
5725 g
(Dk. Blue-Lt. Blue)
5725 h
5725 i
5725 j
5725 k
5725 L
5725 m

As with all Generic Kits, the pieces are designed oversize to overhang off the fairing edges and into duct openings. Finish trimming we leave up to you, but a little cut here, a little overlap there, some trimming to finish it off, and youll come out with something truly special.