meta-tags Kit 5547 Strobe 3

Kit #5547 Strobe 3 $239

Offered only in Black and White

Shown installed on a blue 2000 R1 (but absolutely NOT designed just for the R1). Slightly different than kit 5546 with the lower strobe running the oppposite slant. Just what your YAMAHA (or any bike for that matter) needs! It doesn't matter where you place them. No place is wrong. Designed to install on any bike, any model, any color (not just a new Yamaha). Install these strobes and you will be a hit! Logos (like YAMAHA and YZF) sold separately.

click here to view the stock 2000 R1 Before installation of this kit. You will notice that we removed the mid-fairing graphics and rear "R1".

As with all Generic kits, the pieces are designed oversize to overhang off the fairing edges and into duct openings. Finish trimming we leave up to you but, a little cut here, a little overlap there, some trimming to finish it off, and you'll come out with something truly special.

Order Today! kit 5547 Only $239