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Kit #5508 Jaggy SRAD $339

- Kit 5508 produced in Standard Colors (Solid, Metallic, Pearlescent, or Fluorescent), $339
- Kit 5508 produced in Premium Colors (Flexi-Chrome, CarbonLOOK, Flip-Flop, Bass Boat Metallic, or Reflective), $489
- Kit 5508 produced in Standard/Premium combo, $419

It's big! It's Bad! It's SRAD! Shown on an all blue GSXR750 with the graphics in pearl white with fluorescent orange shadows. Designed to install on any bike, not just a late model GSXR . This kit is SO COOL you will just stare at it for hours on end when you are done. You get a lot of graphics here and it does get a bit tricky on the tail section where all the curve changes occur but, a little cut here, a little overlap there, some trimming to finish it off, and you'll come out with something truly special. This kit takes a bit longer to install because there is a lot to install.

Changing Colors

Any solid color kit can be produced in any of over 100 colors so just because a kit may show in black for example, doesn't mean you can't have it produced in fluorescent green if you desire... Click here to see our Color Chart.
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