Kit 7156 Tri-Color Edge Number Plates $99

Fits the 2007 Ducati 1098 streetbikes

Just released May 28, 2007 is the Tapeworks front & rear number plate set for the 2007 Ducati 1098, pre-shaped to fit on the stock Ducati bodywork. Produced in gloss white with a Tri-color, Italian flag edge for a fantastic look on either the red or yellow bikes.

The front number plate has been designed oversize (it extends into the windscreen and headlight regions for a more forgiving alignment) and trimming is required there and at the windscreen fastener holes. You get a choice of 2 different front number plates (tri-color graphic on the right side of one, and on the bottom center of the other). Use one for practice or keep as the spare for later use.

The rear number plates have 2 pieces per side with the Tri-color along the bottom edge, a great fit, and parallelism along the bodywork edges.

Here's what you get with kit 7156:

- 1-piece Front number plate - 2 included (one for practice or keep as a spare for later use) designed oversize to make the installation more forgiving.
- 4 piece Rear number plate set - (2 per side), pre-shaped to install on the stock tail section

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