Kit 7000 2-color Ducati Front Number Plate $35

Fits the following 1995-2004 Ducati models: 748/748R/748S, 916/955/996, and 998/998R/998S

Here is Tapeworks' front number plate decal designed to install on the stock Ducati upper with headlights. It includes the outer stripes (see color suggestions below) to coordinate with the stock painted-on tail section graphics.

Part Number Color Combination Bike Model
Color Matching Suggestions

White Number Plate
with COPPER Edge

• 916/955/966

• Yellow 748
- Make sure you need the COPPER edge!
- Best match to the old style 2-color "silver/copper" logos of the original 1997 Ducati 748.

White Number Plate
with Carbon Charcoal Edge
• 996/998

• Yellow 748
- Make sure you need the GREY edge!
- Best match for the 748 with new style 1-color "grey" logos on the 2000 and up bike. But, the stock tail section factory number plates MAY NOT have grey edges so DOUBLE CHECK before you order!

White Number Plate
with Silver Edge


Pictured here is "Officer Aponte's" 916 with the front number plate installed plus a set of 1s in black to accent the number plates further.

NOTE: The rear number plates are stock from the factory and are painted on.