Bikes of the Month, July 2001 - December 2001
December '01

Patrick Chabaud's ZX9R

Lou Barco's RC51

Adrian Swann's CBR900

Jason Welchert's GSXR750

Josh Bastian's 01 R6

Jose Ramos' GSXR750

Scott Plasek's Valkyrie

Mark Mahoney's F4

Joe's 851

Dave Edwards' HG96

Arnold Hastings' CRF400

William Dailey's ZRX

November '01

Kevin Stone's GSXR1000

Charlie Villegas' F4i

Garrett Scheppe's R6

Matt McLaughlin's ZX7R

Dave Parker's R6

October '01

Jeremy Aucoin

Eric Moon email

Scott Seiber's email letter

Ed M's 600F4

Schleys' RC51

Dale Da Bone's R1

Carl's ZX12R no photo yet

Brandon Singer's R6

Richard Hurtado F4i

Tim Els ZX11

Max's 96F3

Tony Sivesind's FZR600

Lez Hoop's ZX12

September '01

Darwin's 929

Jason Wolfe letter

Bernard's R1

Stefan Arndt's GSXr1000


Phil Madren's Katana 600

Chris Balthaser's R1

Garrett Lucas' 2001 GSXR600

Kevin Lynch letter, no photo yet

Tim Russell's ZX7

Jarrod Mentch's F3

Mike Pasquarelli's F4

Renegade's F4i

Shawn Varney's 2000F4 with chrome logos

Phillip & Crystal Jagers ZX9R

Michael Graves 900RR

Pejman Taei Letter

August '01

Chi Hoi Wong's SV650

Mike Wagner's ZX750 and FZR600

Michael Bancroft's ZX6R


NYPAPA's 929

Carlton Evans' ZX11

BBT's 87 GSXR750

Yjader Harris Letter

Peter DeSalvo's 929

Marcus Thornton's 97 GSXR750

Chris Furrow's R6

Keith Partyka's Seca II

Dave Beard's 1995 GPZ1100

Dennis Teece's VTR1000

Dave Rock's 96 YZF600

vdc's R1

Scott Seiber Letter

July '01

Aaron Barry 2001 F4i

Andrew Randazzo's 99 Ducati

Jim Senicka and his wife's F2 and F3

Kicklighter Engineering VTR1000

Daniel Dano's 900RR

Kicklighter Engineering VFR/RC45.html

Michael Burns' F4

Jackson's 2000 F4 w/ kit 5514b Letter

Mike Cichetti's RZV500R

Jeremy L Helling's 2000GSXR750

Customer's GSXR1000

Interesting Photo Link

Gretchen's Katana

Sue Urquhart's Ducati Monster

Mick Brown's 2000 Honda F4

Andy Joseph's 929

David L's F2

Kicklighter Engineering red VFR / RC45

Sam Porfido letter

Lonnie Martin's race R1

Pro Stock Performance's CBR900

Mark Mahoney's F4i with Generic kit 5500 in pearl yellow and black

Dominguez's F4i with kit 1068 in fire red

D Dobbins' Katana with Generic kit 5511 in silver

Exile's F4i with kit 1068b (white)