Hey! Don't just take our word for it. Look at these customer bikes.

Bikes of the Month, July 1999-December 1999

December 99

Jeff Martin's Wing'n F2

Cliff Simpson's TL1000S
Adam Goldblattemail.html

November 99

MikeMcCauley 91 GSXR 750

Kicklighter Engineering's VFR750

Rocky Anderson's Z24

Rude Dog's TL1000S

Richard Burdick's GSXR750

October 99

Jeff Jurasich's ZX7

John Kings YZF600

Kicklighter Eng. GSXR1100

Stuart Vernon's ZX9R

RobWomble's F2

Kicklighter Engineering's Katana 600

Kyle England's CBR900

September 99

Kicklighter Engineering's F2
Lausan Foster email

Dean Overaker's Katana 600

Brad Baughman's ZX9R

Dale Burnette's 98 Katana 750

Fender Mender Cosmic F2

Jeff Bublitz's 95 CBR900

The Sportbike Doctors 92 F2

Kicklighter Engineering red F2

Marcos Sibal thanks mail (no photo)

August 99

Judd Meyers' CBR900

John Vanderhorck's Katana 750

Rob Womble CBR900 thanks mail (no photo)

Paul Nagy's Lucky Strike SUZUKI

Here is a customer's Hayabusa with kit 3165 (and some add'l logos) installed

July 99

Josh Flyntz's corvette blue 91 FZR600 with kit 4002

Ken Roger's R1 and custom paint by Moto RAD Cycle Paint

Chris and Robin Tubbs' 96 F3 with kit 1057 (in the 1007 colors)

Brian Banna's NC30

Ron West's 96 VFR750

Pat Carden's R1

Brad Johnson's VFR750

Mike Strickland's Acura blue FZR600 with kit 4000 and special rear #plates