Bikes of the Month, Jan 2001 - June 2001
June '01

Mark Mahoney's F4i with Generic kit 5500 in pearl yellow and black

Dominguez's F4i with kit 1068 in fire red

D Dobbins' Katana with Generic kit 5511 in silver

Exile's F4i with kit 1068b (white)

Matthew Whittington's Black SuperHawk

May '01

CCR custom paint job

CCR custom paint job

CCR custom paint and decals

CCR custom paint job

Louis Chasick's '01 Hayabusa with kit 3168b in fluorescent yellow + Rimstripes

David Nguyen's F4 with Generic Wings kit 1015

Brad Tracy's R1 with Generic kit 5530b

SeaJay's Blackbird with red HONDAs on the lower

Jason Flanigan's 929RR with kit 1118b in silver + some logo overlays

Todd Marsh's ZX10 with Generic kit 5528

Scott Straley's R6 with front and rear # plates

Adrian Swann letter

Mike Wagner's FZR600 with kit 4003 in silver and black

Cleveland Morning's ZX7

Tod Botcher's mailbox

Eric Suess's R6 with white rear # plates + R6 logos

Troy Guidry's 929RR with kit 1121

Randall GoodSpeed's Katana 600 with Generic kit 5508

Georgia Fulboam's SV650 with Generic kit 5540

Dan Raleigh's F2 with kit 1000

Kevin Santacruz's F2

John Pittman's 96 F3 with #plates from kit 1045

Allen Tsui's F4 with CarbonLOOK installed in various spots

April '01

Scott Cortese's race bike

Mark Rukaj's ZX6R with reflective logos

DevilBikes' RC51 with kit 1090 + some logo overlays

Terrence McCollum's R6 with Generic kit 5511 in chrome

Charles Walton's F3 with kit 1058 in pearl white and silver

Craig Rock's F4 with kit 1062

Chris DeMetroules' 929RR

Lloyd Magruder's F4i with CarbonLOOK installed

March '01

Carlos Silva's Ducati with some logo overlays in black

Chris Layne's F2 with kit 1010 + some add'l logos installed

Scott Cerreta's FZR600 with Generic kit 5515 installed

Persy Flores's R1 with kit 4181 installed

Marlon Williams' Honda

Swifty's comments

Craig Boadwine's 996 with kit 7000 installed

February '01

Steve Hart's Letter

Gregg Shisler's 929

Jeff Roof's ZX9R

Alan Berry's SV650

Robrt Murphy's Hayabusa, just photos

Othello's R1

Kickstand and Wheelie's RC51`

Shirron Fernando's FZR600

John Kierepka's R1

Scott Taylor's YZF750

Sean Jadwin's GSXR

Joi Ackerman's SV650

Rick Culwell letter

January '01

Mike Johnston's ZX11

Chris Collins' letter

Stefan Venter letter

Jon's 929

Chris Gallant's FZR400

Andrea Frasca letter

Paint Head Design Works CBR900

Mo Burki's GSXR

Joshua Dufresne's 929

Ben Smith's F2

Ed Hurren's F2